Sunday, January 3, 2016

Celtic Warrior

Tube: Rita Kirby startubelayer2 (coming soon)
Font: Queen of the Moon
Plugins:  Xero Fritilary, Mura Meister Copies
Step 1. Open a new Image 600 by 250
Step 2. Flood fill with a color from the tube
Step 3. Copy and Paste the tube resize as needed
Step 4 Using Mura Meister Copies wallpaper darker then copy with wallpaper lighter
Step 5. on the copy layer change that layer to overlay
Step 6.  Using preset tool make a circle
Step 7. Using  Reflection Effects Feedback duplicate and mirror then merge down
Step 8. Using Xero Fritillary on the merged layer
Step 9. Enhance and make this layer overlay blend
Step 10.  Highlight the Copies Layer and enhance twice
Step 11. Add Tube
Step 12. Add Text

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