Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gothy Skulls

Tube: Alfadesire Sugarskulls from TinyTurtle Designs
Scrapkit: Gothic Sugar Skull by KCreations
Mask:  Zuzzanna Mask 16
Font:  Queen of the Moon
Step 1. Open new image 800 by 800
Step 2. Add as a new layer Pk_Paper3
Step 3. On the paper layer add Zuzzanna mask and merge group
Step 4  On top of the paper layer place frame 2 and resize as needed
Step 5.  On top of the frame add bunch of roses and resize  as needed
Step 6. On the top lefthand side place crown of roses and resize as needed
Step 7. Rotate crown of roses left 25
Step 8. Add Image 2 and resize by 50 percent and place in the center of the frame
Step 9.  Under the frame add haunted house and mirror
Step 10. Add Tube under the bunch of flowers on the righthand side
Step 11. Add text

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