Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hot Darkness

Tube: Michi Art
Scrap: KCreations Darkness Falls
Mask:  mask of choice
Font: QuigleyWiggly

Step 1:  Open a new image 850 by 850
Step 2. Open paper 3 and add as a new layer
Step 3. On the paper layer use your choice of mask and merge visible
Step 4.  Place frame 4 over the merged layer
Step 5. Place house under the frame layer and resize as needed
Step 6.  Infront of the house place grass and duplicate 3 times across the layer
Step 7.  Place the moon at the top right hand size
Step 8. Place the pair of owls over the moon and resize as needed
Step 9. Place the banner 2 over the frame and resize as needed
Step 10. Place the spooky tree 1 over the frame on the right hand side under the banner
Step 11. Place the rock 2 over the tree and the banner and resize as needed
Step 12. Add Tube on the lefthand side of the frame under the banner
Step 13. Add text

Here is another tag using the wonderful artwork of Alfadesire from Tiny Turtle Designs

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