Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cute N Noise Tut

Font:  Angelia Tattoo
Plugin: Noise
Step 1: Open a new Image 600 *250
Step 2:  Flood Fill Raster Layer 1 with a contrasting color to the color of Raster 2
Step 3:  New Raster Layer 2 and Flood Fill with a contrasting color from your tube
Step 4:  On Raster 2 load Mask SpawnFSMask04 then merge group
Step 5:  Copy your tube on the top layer of your tag then duplicate it and hide top layer
Step 6:  On your original tube using your magic wand select the tube and feather using both use what number works best for you
Step 7:  Modify and feather till it is visible all tubes are different
Step 8:  Add a new raster layer and using the bottom color floodfill
Step 9:  Contract and Modify by 5 then delete
Step 10: Add another layer and using the same color as the mask floodfill then contract by 3 
Here is another tag using this tut

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