Monday, July 2, 2012

Janesko Brat

Kit: FiDevil's  PTU Kit Rockin Valentine which you can find here You can see where to buy it from her blog
Tube:  Jennifer Janesko you can buy her tubes from here
Template:  You can find this template from me here
Font is Smart and Sexy I got it from DaFont
Mask: Choose any I have no idea who made the mask i have its just called mask 11. If you know who made it please let me know

Step 1:  Open a new image 500 by 500
Step 2: Choose a Paper, I choose Paper9
Step 3: Add it as a new layer
Step 4: Add the template
Step 5:  Using your mover and magic wand- Using Paper 9 into the template of the rectangles in the back in each one
Step 6: Do the same with the flood fill tool and choose a color thats a little lighter than paper you choice
Step 7: Taking your mover click on the bottom layer and choice any mask you want and merge group
Step 8: Add your elements I choice Butterflies
Step 9: Resize the butterflies to fit on the front template
Step 10: Copy the resized Butterflies and mirror it on the opposite side
Step 11: Resize as needed
Step 12: Add your text
Step 13: Save your masterpiece

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