Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dark Angel


Scrapkit by PurpleDragonFly kit is freebie kit AstrosBluesKit
Tubes: Barb Jensen
Font: MTF Under Your Skin
Masks: BabesDesign Mask 14 and Babes Design Mask 25
Plugin: Virtual Photographer


Step One: Pick a paper and resize it
Step Two: Add Frame To the top of the paper
Step Three: Add Mask BaTbesDesign Mask 25 then merge visible
Step Four: Add Image or Tube behind the frame. Resize to fit the image behind the mirror. Use your eraser tool to get rid of any of the image that isn't behind the frame
Step Five: Use Plugin Virtual Photographer granular: color
Step Six: Flood Fill a New Raster Layer Under the First mask layer
Step Seven: Use BabeDesign Mask 14 on the Raster Layer and then merge visible
Step Eight: Add Your top to the top of the frame
Step Nine: Add your text: I used the font MTF Under your Skin which is a free font
Step Ten: Save your masterpiece

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  1. thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial - have posted about it on my blog: