Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sexy Flowers

1 Scrapkit--I used Donna Designsz from here which you can buy
1 template--I used a template from Stylin Serina which can be found here
2 masks-- I used one from Miggins which can be found here and Vix from VixPsP
1 Tube--I used SQP from CILM please choose any other tube unless you have a license to use it
Step 1: Pick a frame --I picked circle flower frame by donna designsz
Step 2: Pick a ribbon (optional) to use as a contrast w/the frame
Step 3: Pick a flower and resize it to fit on the ribbon
Step 4: Pick another element-- I picked a hanger
Step 5: Pick a Paper and Use the mask from miggins then merge group ---I used MiggsMask 2
Step 6: Pick a Paper and Use the mask from VixPsp then merge that group---I used VixMask 431
Step 7: Pick a template and use the elements that you want to use on the tag: I used the stars from Stylin Serina one on each side and recolorized them to go w/the tag
Step 8: Duplicate Step 4
Step 9: Add Tube --I used SQP from CILM
Step 10: Resize as necessary
Step 11: Add text
Step 12: Add copyright

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