Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sugar Sky

Tube: Myka Jelina Sky
Scrap: KCreations Sugar Skull
Mask: WSL mask 82
Font: BlackChancery
Step 1. Open new image 1000 by 1000
Step 2. Add Paper 6 and merge down
Step 3. Add mask to paper layer and merge group
Step 4. Add Frame 3
Step 5.  Add Red Mesh above the paper layer
Step 6. Add Rose Bush to the right side of frame and resize as needed
Step 7. Add Pink Rose on top of the rosebush and resize as needed
Step 8. Add leaves under pink rose
Step 9. Duplicate leaves and mirror
Step 10. Duplicate leaves and rotate 25 degrees
Step 11. Add Teal Tag and resize as needed on the left hand side of frame
Step 12. Add Bow 1 at the top of teal tag and resize as needed
Step 13. Add Tube on top of mesh layer and make blend layer screen
Step 14. Add text

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