Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jennifer Christmas

Scrap: LadyDragus Old Time Christmas
Mask: WSL Mask 59
Font: Yolanda Duchess
Step 1. Open new image 900 by 900
Step 2. Add PP8 and merge down
Step 3. Use mask on paper layer and merge visible
Step 4. Place Frame 14 on the paper layer
Step 5.  Place Element 82 ontop of the frame
Step 6. Add a new raster layer
Step 7. On Element 82 using the magic wand on the circle add a close up of the tube
Step 8. On the top layer Add Element 80 and resize as needed
Step 9. On top of Element 80 add Element 81 and resize as needed
Step 10. Add Element 53 and resize as needed
Step 11. Add tube
Step 12. Add text

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