Friday, July 11, 2014


Scrapkit: ZiggyFan Firecracker
Mask:  Vix Mask 431
Font: PassionsConflict Rob
Step 1: Pick a Paper
Step 2: On the paper layer use Vix mask 431 and merge visible
Step 3: Pick a frame add as a new layer
Step 4: Pick a ribbon element and rotate at 25 degrees resize as needed
Step 5: Pick a flower element and resize to fit over the the ribbon
Step 6: Pick a button element and resize to fit over the flower
Step 7: Pick a star element and resize as neeeded
Step 8: Pick 2 firecrackers and place under the star and resize as needed
Step 9: Add a closeup of the tube and put the optimize at 40 percent and mirror
Step 10:  Add the tube under the frame
Step 11: Add text

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