Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sexy Heart

Plugins:  Mura Meister: Copies
              Zero: Illustrator
              Effects Enhance
Font: one of Choice--I used Parry Hotter
Step 1: Open a 600 by 250 new image
Step 2. Open and copy your tube on the new image
Step 3: Resize your tube by 75 percent
Step 4: With your tube placed use mura meister copies wallpaper rotate default setting
Step 5: Duplicate this layer
Step 6: On your bottom layer Using Xero Illustrator with random setting until you are happy with the look
Step 7 On your  duplicated layer Adjust Motion Blur Angle 35.00 Strength 100%
Step 8:  Still on the duplicated layer go to your Effects and Enhance and enhance more if needed.  Change the optimacy to lower than 100 but where you are happy with it
Step 9: Add a new raster and Flood fill with a color from your tube
Step 10: Select All then Modify Contract by 4 hit delete then select none
Step 11: Add noise 100%
Step 12:  Add your tube and Place all the way on the left on the top layer and resize as needed
Step 12: Add Copyright and Text

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