Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amberly Friends

Tube of Choice: I used Amberly Berendson which you can find at MyTubedArt
Neulogy Vasarely Mosaics
Mura Meister Copies
DragonFly Sinedot
AAA Frames Texture frame
Font of choice:  I used Respective

Step 1: Open a new image 600 by 250
Step 2: Flood fill from a Color in your image
Step 3: Add your tube as a new layer using Meister Copies wallpaper rotate
step 4: Add the Filter Neulogy Vasarely Mosaics to your layer
Step 5: Duplicate your later and hide it
Step 6: Activate your bottom layer and Add DragonFly Sinedot to your layer
Step 7: Activate your top layer and change the optimacy until your happy
Step 8: Add a new layer and flood fill with a color from your tube
Step 9: Using your magic wand click the top layer and Modify so it looks like a frame
Step 10: On the top Layer Using AAA Frames texture frame on  the top layer
Step 11: Duplicate the frame then use inner bevel on the bottom layer
Step 12: Add your tube and move it where you want to
Step 13: Add your text and copyright