Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Love

Scrapkit: LilDymun PTU Kit Color Fusion which you can find  here
Tubes:  Zlata_M which you can find here
Font is Neurotic Minds BTN Bold which i think i got from DaFont
Mask 12 is By Brutal Designs.  Sorry I do not have a link if you know her link please me a note so I can add it

Step 1.Open a new image 500 by 500
Step 2. Pick a paper. I chose Paper 9
Step 3. Add it as a new layer
Step 4. Chose an element. I chose Heart Cluster.
Step 5.  Chose your mask. Merge Visible
Step 6. Duplicate your merged mask layer
Step 7.  Pick an Element. I chose chickenwire add it as a new layer and move it to bottom
Step 8. Make the transparency of the bottom layer 54
Step 9. Add your first tube then add your second tube
Step 10. Resize as needed
Step 11. Add your text
Step 12. Save your masterpiece

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