Saturday, March 24, 2012

Butterfly Fairy

Tube: Amy Brown which you can buy at Creative Designs Outlet
Scrap: Majestic by Honored Scraps which you can buy in her store

Font: Portfolio-Regular
Plugin: EmbossWorks Soft Glass

Mask: Use Any Mask you have


Step 1: Open a new page 500 by 500
Step 2: Pick any solid Color page and paste it on your new page
Step 3: Pick any frame that goes with your tube and paper
Step 4: Using a Designed Paper place that layer under the frame
Step 5: On the paper under the frame using the frame as a guide to pick a mask and have the mask any
that is outside the frame erase the parts that go outside the frame
Step 6: On the paper on the bottom layer pick a mask that will give the some design onto the bottom layer around the mask
Step 7: Merge the paper layer on the bottom visible
Step 8: Using EmbossWorks Soft Glass on the bottom layer until your happy with the effect
Step 9: Add your tube to the top layer and position it until you are happy
Step 10: Copy your frame and paste it above your tube layer
Step 11: Using your crop tool take the parts of the frame that are covering the tube and delete them till none of the frame is covering the tube
Step 12: Add your text
Step 13: Add your copyright
Step 14: Save your tag
Step 15: Go into animation shop
Step 16 : Open your animation that you want to use onto your tag that you've done
Step 17: Save your tag

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