Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fairy Rain

Supplies:Scrapkit: Whimsical Wonderland from
Tube: Gabriella Szabo who will be released at
Filter: Tramages Pool Shadow, EyeCandy4000 Drip and Waterdrops, Flaming Pear Flood
Mask: One of Choice - I don't remember what mine is
Font: One of Choice - I used Orial

Step 1. Choice of paper
Step 2. On your paper use the filter Pool Shadow till your happy
Step 3. On the same paper use the filter Drip
Step 4. On the same paper use the filter Waterdrops
Step 5. Mask of choice to go on your paper
Step 6. Merge Visible and duplicate the paper
Step 7. On the bottom paper use the Filter Flood
Step 8. On the top paper use the Filter Flood
Step 9. Add your tube on the paper and move it till your happy with the placement
Step 10. Pick your first element so she can either sit or stand next to it depending on your tube
Step 11. Pick your second element and place on the tag
Step 12. Add your text

1 comment:

  1. you must love bright green

    makes me dizzy lookin at it :P