Saturday, April 16, 2011

Angel Faces

4 Tubes of choice by same artist--I used Rebecca Sinz who's licensed at Dreamscape Imaging
Scrapkit of Choice i Used CBJ PTU Kit -Angel Whispers which you can get from Dreamscape Imaging
Font of Choice: i used Annabelle
2 Masks of Choice--I used Shalimar
Step 1 - Pick Frame of Choice
Step 2- Pick Paper of Choice
Step 3 - Pick Mask to use with Paper when decided you like it, Merge Visible and Mtove the layer to the bottom
Step 4 - Paper another Mask to go with theth bottom Paper when you are happy with it Merge visible and move that layer under the first paper
Step 5- 7 - Pick 3 Different tubes and fit them in the frame layer by layer- crop any parts that go over the next tube
Step 8 - Merge visible frame and tubes in the frame
Step 9 - Pick 1 or 2 flowers and resize them to fit them on the corners of the frame
Step 10- Add the last tube
Step 11 - Add your text
Step 12 - Add your copyright
Step 13 - Save masterpiece

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