Saturday, January 2, 2010

Innocent Bear

Tube: I used Angel Bears which you can purchase from CILM but please use what you have
Scrapkit: By TC Sweets which is a PTU Scrap Please use any scrap you have
Font: I used P22 Corinthia PTU Font
Mask by Zuzzana mask 45 You will need to google for her masks as I have lost my link

Step 1: Pick a Paper I used Paper 39
Step 2: Apply Mask to Paper
Step 3: Merge Visible
Step 4: Add your tube
Step 5: Use a frame I used Frame Elements67
Step 6: Choose a flower element - I used Element 27 Resize to fit on Frame
Step 7: Duplicate flower and mirror then flip it so it goes on the opposite corners of the frame
Step 8: Choose A different Flower Element and Duplicate Step 7
Step 9: Optional: Choose another flower to place under the last Step Flower If you do this Step Flower Step 7
Step 10: Add your text
Step 11: Resize as necessary
Step 12: Add your copyright
Step 13: Save

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