Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wreathe Tut


Any Tube of your choice
I used Keith Garvey where you can get www.psptubesemporium
Mask: Any 2 you have on your computer I used two from Chelle
Scrapkit: Any Scrap you want I used Fantasymoments Magical Christmas Which is a Free Scrap and Can be found here
Font Any of your choice: I used the free font Candycane

Tag Directions:
Step 1: Pick out your elements --I used the wreath as my base for my tag
Step 2: Pick out your second Element to go on the wreathe. I used the small round candy cane wreath and resized 50% and then duplicated and mirrored it on the big wreathe
Step 3:
(your choice here but this is what I did) Copy and paste one of your papers I chose paper 1
Back to your working image, selections/ select all, layers add a new layer and send to the bottom, edit/paste into selection. Selection/select non
Step 4: Mask: Load Mask from your disk
5. In your Layer Palette Merge/Merge Group
Step 6: Repeat Steps 3, 4, 5
Step 7: Add your tube
Step 8: Add any text
Step 9: Resize Image if necessary
Step 10 : Add your copyright
Step 11: Save your image

Thank You Tracy for your help :-)

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